When it comes to yogurt, there are only two kinds of people; one who loves it, and another who wants it as far away as possible. If you belong to the latter group, there is one question yogurt lovers have been meaning to ask. Have you tasted it yet? You probably haven’t because if you did, then you will appreciate it. If you did taste it at one point in your life and still hated it, then just look at the following ways you can use it. Who knows? Learning about them may just convert you into eating them.

Health Uses:

Yogurt has Lactobacillus Acidophilus and lots of other intestine friendly bacteria which can help you lower and maintain your blood pressure, improve the immune system, and enhance your digestion. It does not hurt that yogurt is a healthy alternative to your sweetened snacks, and keep you full for several hours. Aside from that, it tastes good and comes in different flavors like mangoes, melon, and so much more. In fact, some people substitute their ice cream for this because it is healthier.

Beauty Uses:

People utilize yogurt as a beauty fix for different areas in their body. It can be used as a facial scrub or mask as it effectively tightens the pores and cleanses the face. Some even use it for their scalp and hair as a form of conditioner by applying it all over their head, letting it sit for 5 minutes, and rinsing it with water. Others scrub yogurt mixed with salt or nuts on their feet to relieve tension and get rid of calluses. Whatever your beauty dilemma is, yogurt can help you with it.

Decoration Uses:

After consuming your yogurt, you do not have to dispose the cups off. You can simply utilize it as a form of decoration all over your home. You can paint them, hang them, or bedazzle them with LED lights. You can even store your pens and arts and crafts materials inside them. Some people even dare to use the yogurt itself for finger painting with the kids. If you think the aforementioned is manageable, then go and do it.

Yogurt poses different uses, may it be for your home, health, and body. It is yummy, healthy, and can be found in any supermarket near you. If you don’t eat one, then maybe you can use it for other things. The point is whether you love it or hate it, yogurt is good for you; hence you should learn to appreciate it.


Buying an air frier will definitely have phenomenal benefits on you and your entire well being. How? Let’s see. First and foremost, an air frier does not use oil to fry the food items. This is a revolutionary product that has recently gained popularity not only in the urban world, but also in the suburbs and rural areas. When you look inside the air frier, you will find that the technology is very simple, and very few have now realized the potential of this device. The point here is that air friers give near experiences of fried foods with total taste and effectiveness. You may have eaten tandoori dishes at many dhabaas and relished the taste of the roasted chicken or fish. Here is a revolutionary concept that has taken the form of a modern tandoor—but with a difference. When you eat tandoori dishes at a popular dhaba or restaurant, you will find that there is a typical dryness in the foods. This is because the tandoori action has taken out all fatty substances from the dishes.

In variably, when there are little quantities of fatty substances, the food automatically gets classified as healthy food. Thus, one can say that the air frier is a device that provides you healthy foods. When you use oil profusely to make fried foods, you will gain on the taste of the food, but you will lose on the healthy benefits. An air frier cooks food with tender blasts of hot air and a fan inside the air frier makes sure that the food is cooked from all directions. Even when you taste some tandoori dishes from various eateries, you will find the difference when you are eating out of the air frier. The air frier circulates hot air from the top and is then evenly disbursed by the fan action in the air frier.

oxy fryer

Once you buy the air frier, there is no turning back. You will have to think of all healthy food items that you can cook by using the air frier. There are some very good online stores from where you can buy air fryer online India, but you will have to make sure that you get the best deal as well. Some online stores have good deals that are present throughout the year. So, you will have to make sure that you get the lowest price on the air frier.

The air frier will surprisingly make your food crispier and tasty right from the word go. Due to the heating action, you will find a good crispy layer getting formed on the food items. For example, if you are making some tandoori dishes, you will find that there is a sweet smell that is left behind by the food items that have been cooked. You can take out the air fried food item from time to time and check if it has been cooked completely. There are several ways to understand the working of the air frier, but does it really matter when it provides you the best healthy option for non vegetarians.  



perfect chop

The importance of preparing your family’s meals right in your own kitchen cannot be underscored enough. It is in your kitchen that food that nourishes the body is prepared. It is but right for you to exert extra effort in making sure that your kitchen is properly planned and fitted with the right fixtures. Aside from proper space planning, you also have to make sure that the cooking tools and equipment that you have will allow you to prepare nothing but the best meals for your family.

One important piece of cooking tool is your chopping board. You might think that all chopping boards are the same unassuming block of plastic or wood. You would be surprised at the innovative features in the PerfectChop Stay-Clean Cutting Board. I got to try it out for myself and I am amazed at how much easier whipping up meals turned out to be with the help of this new kitchen prep helper.

Chopping and prepping up food is always the messiest and fussiest part of cooking. This is, in fact, the reason why some people do not like to cook. With the PerfectChop Stay-Clean Cutting Board, I found that I do not have to do much swabbing and wiping of my countertop. This cutting board is designed with a microtexture feature that lets juices from the food that you are chopping drain into a basin. Slipping and sliding is also not a problem with this chopping board because it has a non-slip base. This cutting board is made of high-density material that is hygienic. It stays bacteria free and odor free through time. The board is also reversible so you can actually use both sides. The product description says that it won’t dull knives. Since I haven’t had my PerfectChop for long, I couldn’t yet really say if this is true.

I like the feel of using my PerfectChop Stay-Clean Cutting Board. I especially love the fact that I can save the juices from cooked meat or fruits and vegetables that I put on my chopping board. My sauces and gravies are extra flavorful because I am able to save these drippings. It is no wonder that even professionals have great things to say about this product.

I’m glad that KitchenAdvance came up with this innovative chopping board. Now, I look forward to spending time in the kitchen conveniently preparing nutritious gourmet meals for my family. Who’d want to eat out when there’s perfectly prepared and cooked food right on your dinner table?