Hi there and welcome to moms say stuff. I’d like to start with the whole ‘becoming a parent thing’. I think a lot of, if not all, parents to be underestimate the change in lifestyle having a child will result in. Different people tend to have different perceptions: While it isn’t uncommon, many people focus on the challenges parenthood will bring and what they will lose from their current lifestyle (e.g., sleep, freedom, money, etc). However, many fail to realise what they will gain… after all… how could they? New parents have only experienced parenthood from the outside looking in.

Take child birth for example: I remember before having my first child thinking ‘… holy smoke! I’m never going to walk the same again…’ I mean… it’s a big deal right? What’s important to realise is that child birth is as natural as breathing! Yeah… it hurts… but consider this. Mortality rates for both mother and child have drastically declined in the last 100 hundred years — this trend is set to continue.

For all you men out there, don’t even joke about child birth!

Moving on, the next most pertinent memory I have of having my first child is the undescribable feeling of… love i guess. Once the little guy is out, there’s something purely maternal about embracing this little person that’s been growing in you for nine months. Like i said… undescribable.

Next up: Returning home… the most sureal experience to date. Nothing prepares you for arriving home with your new family member. You walk through the door as normal and close it behind you. Then you realise… you’re on your own… Think about that for a second: you been tended to by so many medical professionals during labor; before that, the baby was well catered for in your womb. Now you have to do everything manually — there’s no guide, no instructions… it’s sink or swim.

The good news is that babies are quite simple. Notice I say simple and not easy. They just cry when they need something… it’s your job to figure out what that something is. More good news… it’s gonna be one of four things: 1) Hunger 2) Cold/Hot 3) Poorly 4) Soiled. You can’t go wrong… just use trial and error.

What astonishes me is that you’ll soon learn the differences in your baby’s cry. You’ll also be able to hear your baby’s cry among many others. Mother nature is truely incredible.

So if you’re thinking of having children, all I can say is nothing quite prepares you for it. For me and my family, having kids has been the best thing in the world. However, bear in mind… it’s not for everyone. Next week, well be talking about feeding, clothing, and entertainment for the little guy.

Watch this space and check back regularly.